Challenged by changes?

Are external shifts impacting you?

Are people resisting or indifferent?

Develop Strategic Alignment Maps to bridge the typical transition gaps holding your clients, teams and supporters back

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What will you learn?

  • To clearly define a share picture of the desired change for main players be aligned and support each other
  • To map out the individual, connections and motivation of clients, teams and allies involved and impacted
  • The essential 4 tools and activities that build trust and credibility of the participants and the transition process
  • To layout a simple step-by-step sequence that everyone understands and follows from wherever they start

What’s included?

  • 6 weekly online live group sessions to understand and test the building blocks of your Alignment Maps
  • Peer group discussions to learn multiple perspectives and different perspectives that enrich the experience
  • Comprehensive workbook and templates to facilitate a successful completion with additional resources


  1. MIND THE GAP. Discover and prioritize the issues affecting your most important challenges.
  2. CLARITY OF MISSION. Define the specific target and timeframe of what you want to accomplish.
  3. CONNECTIVITY OF AGENTS. Identify who are involved as allies and adversaries of the change implementation.
  4. CREDIBILITY OF PRACTICES. Learn and use the tools and activities that build trust and credibility.
  5. CONTINUITY OF STEPS. Choose the sequence of actions to be taken and the support that is needed.
  6. BRIDGE THE GAP. Put it all together in a simplified form that illustrates and guides everyone involved.

and more...

  • 6 weekly Office Hours to support you between the workshop sessions with questions or challenges
  • 1:1 private coaching session to address any specific concern related to any obstacles holding you back
  • A community private platform for group members to exchange ideas, provide support and network

What is the investment?

Exclusive Beta Price $1,797 (Regular Price: $2,997)

$ 1,297 if you sign up before March 15, 2023

$ 997 if you sign up before March 1, 2023


The program starts on March 31, 2023 and meets every Friday for 6 weeks

bridge the typical transition gaps

holding clients, teams and ALLIES back

WITH simpler Alignment Maps

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meet your GUIDE

My name is JORGE SCIUPAC. As a leader of professional organizations and more than 20 years of consulting, I have been supporting businesses and nonprofits struggling with changes of revenue, turnover, operations, & relevance in the market.

Because I lived and worked in more than 14 countries and 3 continents, I experienced changes and transitions myself. Understanding the diversity and uniqueness of individuals and organizations facilitated my adjustment to changes and shaped me as a trusted guide for leaders, clients, teams, and supporters.